Building Update

What this means for our community: 
  • Cascade Heights will move to a new location next year. We are negotiating a flexible exit date but anticipate that we will need to be out by June 30th or shortly thereafter.
  • We are in the process of securing our new long-term location. Locations that have been considered are all within the North Clackamas School District and less than ten minutes from our current building. Unfortunately, we are not able to share the new location or any information about it while we are in the negotiating process. As soon as we can release information we will do so.
  • In the coming weeks/months, I will send out updates as I have them. This includes the future location, help that is needed from our community, and any other information I can provide.
  • None of this is our choice, or optional but our current location does pose many safety and logistical challenges that we have dealt with, and will no longer have to.
Change can be difficult, but the magic that happens within our walls is not location-dependent, and truly, the future has never felt so bright for Cascade Heights! CHPCS is a community school with a long history of service and involvement. I look forward to our next chapter, in a new local community that we can connect with and invest in.
Thank you for joining us in this transition!
Mrs. Kristin Macy, M.Ed.
Cascade Heights Public Charter School
15301 SE 92nd Ave Clackamas, OR 97015