Lunch Program

School Lunch Program Information
Our school provides lunch that is sponsored by the North Clackamas School District and is provided every day. Lunch pricing is listed below. We take lunch attendance daily. Students may bring their lunch from home or pay for school lunch. We make the menu available each month so our families can plan ahead. 
This year, we are using a program called LINQ Connect to keep track of students' lunch accounts. You will need your student's Synergy ID number to create an account in LINQ Connect. Ideally, please load your student's account using the LINQ Connect website or App. We can accept cash or check in the school but it is recommended to manage the account online. The link is here: LINQ Connect
To apply for free/reduced meals, click HERE
Please know that no student will be denied a lunch even if their account balance is zero.
2023-2024 Meal Prices
  Lunch Milk
Free & Reduced $0.00 $0.50
Elementary $3.10 $0.50
Middle School $3.45 $0.50
Adult $4.90 $0.50