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School Uniforms

Students in all grades are required to wear their school uniform on all school days and for field trips (unless otherwise directed). Uniforms are to be worn on school picture day. School uniforms are required for special school functions and performances unless notified prior to the event. We ask that parents use good judgment on appropriate attire for activities that are non-uniform.
Students who are out of uniform will be asked to address the issue. If this is not possible, they will be sent to the Office to call home. Students who are habitually out of uniform will be disciplined under the behavior policy. Teachers and administration may issue a uniform violation to any child for uniform infractions. Following is the current uniform code and general uniform guideline.
Uniform Code
Students and parents share the responsibility for proper uniforms and grooming. Students are responsible to the school community for their appearance and cleanliness. Since the school has the duty of presenting and maintaining a serious educational environment, the following guidelines apply while students are at school (including field trip days) and at school functions. Students are to dress and groom themselves in a manner that is modest, clean and appropriate for school. Clothes must be clean and may not be torn or frayed. The style, cut, fit and fabric of all clothing and accessories must be appropriate for the school environment and must not be a distraction in or out of class.
Above the waist:
  • Solid white or red shirts WITH collars (polo, turtleneck, mock turtleneck, etc.)
  • Shirts must not expose the torso and must be long enough to stay tucked in with arms raised above the head. Shirts should be tucked in except for PE and recess.
  • Solid fire engine red vests, cardigans or pullovers, v-neck vests without hoods.
  • Shirts must have sleeves; no sleeveless shirts or tank tops are allowed.
Below the waist: 
  • Navy blue pants, shorts, capris, jumpers, skirts, tailored walking shorts or kilts with zipper front or fitted waist. (No cargo shorts or pants (i.e. pockets on the sides of pants.)
  • Pants may not be denim.
  • The garment must be no more than three inches above the knee.
  • Tights or leggings in solid navy blue, red, gray, white, or black are allowed under skirts and shorts.
  • Shoes must offer firm support, resist slipping.
  • PE is EVERY DAY. Crocs, heelys, flip flops, sandals, boots of any kind (including UGGS) hiking shoes, and high heels are all examples of unsuitable shoes.
Accessories and grooming:
● Neckties and bowties are appropriate but not required: must be properly tied.
● NO hats, hoods, sunglasses, or bandanas may be worn in the building at any time.
● Outerwear: Any coat, sweater, or sweatshirt may be worn for warmth outdoors but may not be worn in the classroom. NO hoods or overcoats in the classroom, regardless of color.
● Hair is to be clean, neatly groomed and out of eyes.
Please note that the final determination on the appropriateness of any item of clothing and appearance rests with the staff and administration.