Staff Appreciation

Want to help out a specific teacher, or find a meaningful way to say "Thank You?" Here are some "hints" for what you can do for us.
Staff Appreciation: Taylor Lenzen - Kindergarten
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): June 9
  • Favorite Candy: sour watermelon
  • Favorite Snack Food: any chips or dried fruit
  • Favorite Restaurant: Grub Hub, Uber Eats
  • Favorite Beverage: sparkling water
  • Favorite Type of Music: alternative, alt rock
  • Favorite Author: Peter H Reynolds, Mo Willems, Agatha Christie
  • Favorite Store: Amazon, Target, Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Favorite Hobby: cricut crafting, soccer, kickball, crosswords
  • Other Gift Suggestions: organizational items, stationary/pens, essential oils

Staff Appreciation: Zac Gosteli - 1st Grade

  • Birth Date (mm/dd): December 13
  • Favorite Beverage : grapefruit soda water
  • Favorite Candy Bar: Symphony
  • Favorite Restaurant: Khao Moo Dang
  • Favorite Snack Food: beef jerky
  • Favorite Author: Charles Bukowski
  • Favorite Hobby: guitar
  • Favorite Music: garage rock
  • Favorite Store: Wild Cactus Boutique
  • Favorite Theater: Alberta Rose
  • Other Gift Suggestions: handmade item
Staff Appreciation: Melissa Connor - 2nd Grade
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): April 30
  • Favorite Snack Food: Popcorn, cheese and grapes, apples and peanut butter, baked goods, and dark chocolate 
  • Favorite Beverage: Coffee, Chai, and Brew Dr. Kombucha
  • Favorite Color: Turquoise, yellow, and grey
  • Favorite Store: New Seasons, Natural Grocers, Macy's, REI, and small one of a kind shops
  • Favorite Hobby: Baking, painting, hiking, and camping
  • Favorite Book: Beautiful books with great pictures!
  • School Supplies: Cool pens and markers, envelopes, and fun duct tapes
  • Other gift suggestions: Collect warm socks, earrings, candles, and stickers
Staff Appreciation: Muriel Smith - 3rd grade
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): March 26
  • Favorite Candy Bar: Snickers
  • Favorite Snack Food: Chips
  • Favorite Beverage: Green tea, coffee
  • Favorite Type of Music: Jazz, classical, funk, R&B
  • Favorite Author: poetry
  • Favorite Store:Target
  • Favorite Hobby: gardening
  • Other Gift Suggestions: cat-related items
Staff Appreciation: Denise Bristol - 4th grade
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): August 8
  • Favorite Candy Bar: any milk chocolate
  • Favorite Snack Food: popcorn, protein snack bars, almonds
  • Favorite Restaurant: any
  • Favorite Beverage: chai tea latte
  • Favorite Type of Music: 70s & 80s rock, James Taylor, Carole King
  • Favorite Author: any author, love reading historical fiction
  • Favorite Store: Macy's, Target
  • Favorite Hobby: painting, camping, traveling
  • Favorite Theater: Stump Town Stage
  • Other Gift Suggestions: plants, Barnes & Noble
Staff Appreciation: Sarah O’Malley - 5th grade
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): September 30
  • Favorite Beverage: coffee
  • Favorite Candy Bar: dark choc PB cups, Rollos
  • Favorite Restaurant: Grub Hub
  • Favorite Snack Food: white cheddar popcorn, almonds
  • Favorite Hobby: gardening, knitting, reading
  • Favorite Music/Musician: Irish
  • Favorite Author: Ursula LeGuin
  • Favorite Theater: Portland Playhouse
  • Favorite Store: Fred Meyer, Trader Joe's
  • Other Gift Suggestions: stickers, classroom library donations
Staff Appreciation: Angela Gausman - 6th grade
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): March 19
  • Favorite Beverage: sugar-free hazelnut latter w/ coconut milk
  • Favorite Snack Food: fruits and veggies
  • Favorite Author: all of them!
  • Favorite Hobby: kayaking, camping, swimming, reading
  • Favorite Movie Theater: Cinemark
  • Favorite Store: Amazon, Fred Meyer, Kay's Aquarium
Staff Appreciation: Carrie Blake - 7th grade
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): March 15
  • Favorite Candy Bar: Reese's peanut butter cups
  • Favorite Snack Food: blackberries, naan & tzatziki sauce
  • Favorite Restaurant: Indian food, Middle Eastern food, Corner 14 food trucks, McMenamin's
  • Favorite Beverage: hot or cold chai, black iced tea
  • Favorite Type of Music: worship, country, folk, mixed genre
  • Favorite Author: Brene Brown, Sarah Bessey
  • Favorite Store: Amazon, Target, Powell's, World Market, Lucky, Anthropologie, Free People
  • Favorite Hobby: house plants, reading, hiking
  • Favorite Theater: Armory
  • Other Gift Suggestions: quotes in foreign languages bilingual
Staff Appreciation: Jessica Jackson - PE
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): March 9
  • Favorite Candy Bar: dark chocolate
  • Favorite Snack Food: skinny pop popcorn, beef jerky
  • Favorite Restaurant: Mexican, Italian, Thai
  • Favorite Beverage: Love coffee! Americano (black) or latte with almond milk
  • Favorite Store: TJ Maxx
  • Favorite Hobby: indoor soccer, running, hiking, adventuring with my boys
  • Other Gift Suggestions: coffee gift card
Staff Appreciation: Jessie Le Grand - Art
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): April 29
  • Favorite Beverage: Iced coffee, sparkling water
  • Favorite Candy: Snickers or doughnuts
  • Favorite Restaurant: Paa Dee, New Seasons
  • Favorite Snack: Salt & vinegar chips
  • Favorite Hobby: Art
  • Favorite Authors: Margaret Atwood, Jeff Vandermeer
  • Favorite Theater: Hollywood Theater
  • Favorite Store: Zara, Target, New Seasons
  • Other: I love homemade cards, notes or pictures from students
Staff Appreciation: Johnny Ransom - Spanish
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): February 22
  • Favorite Beverage: sugar free tea
  • Favorite Candy Bar: no thank you!
  • Favorite Restaurant: Mexican
  • Favorite Snack Food: cashews, pistachios
  • Favorite Music: rock, reggae, jazz, metal
  • Favorite Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, JRR Tolkien, Michael Crichton, AC Doyle
  • Favorite Hobby: Skateboarding, cycling, guitar
  • Favorite Store: Smart Skateboard Collective, Back Pedal Cycles
  • Favorite Theater: Bagdad
  • Other Gift Suggestions: bike lights, safety equipment, Hawaiian shirts, wool socks
Staff Appreciation: Chun-Chu Lin - Chinese
  • Birthday: March
  • Favorite Candy Bar: Not a sweets fan
  • Favorite Snack Food:  Not in favor of snacks
  • Favorite Restaurant: Din Tai Feng
  • Favorite Beverage (hot): warm water, green tea
  • Favorite Store: Amazon
Staff Appreciation: Rosie Pridey - Music
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): March 24
  • Favorite Beverage (hot): chai tea
  • Favorite Beverage (cold): flavored H20, Flavored Redbulls
  • Favorite Candy Bar: Symphony, Toffee bar
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden, Spaghetti Factory
  • Favorite Flower/Plant: Pink roses
  • Favorite Snack Food: fruit, greek yogurt
  • Favorite Author: JK Rowling, James Patterson
  • Favorite Hobby: Horses, reading, cats
  • Favorite Movie Theater: Sandy cinema
  • Favorite Music/Musician: Country, Christian
  • Favorite Sports Team: Timbers, Thorns
  • Favorite Store: Coastal, Wilco, Kohl's
Staff Appreciation: Priscilla Nanni - ELD
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): July 22
  • Favorite Beverage (hot): Hot Chocolate, cinnamon tea
  • Favorite Beverage (cold): GT's Gingerade Kombucha
  • Favorite Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate PB Cups, Twix
  • Favorite Color: Slate Blue
  • Favorite Snack Food: Goldfish crackers, cashews wasabi peas, dried cherries
  • Favorite Hobby: Kayaking, Gardening, baking, hiking
  • Favorite Store: Trader Joe's, Etsy, Amazon, Target, New Seasons
  • Other Gift Suggestions: Cute Stickers, plants, lip balm
Staff Appreciation: Lou Hakanson - Resource Room
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): March 26
  • Favorite Candy Bar: dark chocolate with almonds
  • Favorite Snack Food: chocolate
  • Favorite Restaurant: Chipotle
  • Favorite Beverage (hot): decaf latte 
  • Favorite Music/Musician: Tom Waits
  • Favorite Author: favorite book - historical fiction 
  • Favorite Store: Blick
  • Favorite Hobby: oil painting, weaving, gardening, ukulele 
  • Favorite Movie Theater: Clackamas town center
  • Other gift suggestions: tea is nice or flower plants for the garden
Staff Appreciation: Ann Kibec - Resource Room Assistant
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): November 3
  • Favorite Candy: Licorice (red and black), Mamba, Hot tamales, Bit o honey, Reese's - pieces or cups, peanut butter M&Ms
  • Favorite Snack Food: Nuts/trail mix, raspberries, blueberries, cheese sticks
  • Favorite Restaurant: Thai food, sushi
  • Favorite Beverage: Coffee, coconut sparkling water, zip fizz
  • Favorite Music: Rock - Sammy Hagar is my fav!, jazz/blues
  • Favorite Author: Love reading biographies!
  • Favorite Store: Hobby Lobby, Target, Michaels, Nordstrom
  • Favorite Hobby: Hiking and more hiking! Gardening, home improvement
  • Favorite Theater: Cinemark
  • Other gift suggestions: Bath and Body Works products, succulents, flowers, greeting cards, anything outdoors, all things pumpkin and fall
Staff Appreciation: Kristin Macy - Director
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): August 30
  • Favorite Beverage (hot): coffee
  • Favorite Candy: dark chocolate
  • Favorite Restaurant: any
  • Favorite Snack Food: fresh fruit
  • Favorite Author: any
  • Favorite Hobby: Watersports, Camping, Hiking
  • Favorite Music/Musician: any
  • Favorite Store: Target
  • Favorite Theater: Oak Grove 8
Staff Appreciation: Farrah Tran - Office Manager
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): September 20
  • Favorite Candy: M&Ms, gummy bears
  • Favorite Snack Food: Chips, salsa, guac
  • Favorite Restaurant: Roxy's, Yoko's
  • Favorite Beverage: Iced espresso
  • Favorite Music: Reggae, Hawaiian
  • Favorite Author: Ann Patchett, Tomie de Paola
  • Favorite Store: Target, Trader Joes, Nordstrom Rack
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading, Socializing, Hiking
  • Favorite Theater: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
  • Other gift suggestions: All things pineapple
Staff Appreciation: Mandy Rypkema - SEL Coordinator
  • Birth Date (mm/dd): July 29
  • Favorite Candy: Dark chocolate with almonds or almond butter
  • Favorite Snack Food: All kinds!
  • Favorite Restaurant: XLB
  • Favorite Beverage: Coffee, water, kombucha, tea
  • Favorite Music: I enjoy most music!
  • Favorite Author: No particular favorite. I LOVE beautifully illustrated picture books and I read all kinds of books.
  • Favorite Hobby: Gardening, hiking, reading, puzzles, art/crafts
  • Other gift suggestions: Plants, seeds, art supplies