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Dropoff and Pickup

Welcome to the 23-24 school year!
Read on for more information about morning dropoff and afternoon pickup. Please share this information with everyone who will pick up or drop off your child. 
  • Doors open at 7:45am and you have three options:
    • Carline: Cars will enter the line on SE Jannsen Road, two blocks north of the school. From there turn left onto SE 90th Avenue and then left onto Tolbert. Please be aware of neighbors trying to enter or exit their driveways and do not block any roads. Please line up behind other cars. When the line starts moving, please drive to the forwardmost spot. Drop off student(s) and proceed slowly and safely forward. Please do not pull out of turn when leaving. 
    • Walking: If you are walking, please be a good example of safety and utilize the marked crosswalk.
    • Park: You are also always welcome to park in front of the pickleball courts and walk your student (s) down to class. 
  • Students are released at 3:30 and have two options:
    • Carline: Line up behind other cars. When you pull into the loading zone, move all the way to the front where the STOP sign is, or as close to the car in front of you as safely possible The more cars we get in each load, the fewer loads we have to manage. Students should always load on the passenger side so that they are not in the line of traffic. Adults should never leave their car. Once your child is loaded, please stay in the line until the stop sign turns to SLOW, and then proceed single file to 82nd. Turning right on 82nd will keep the line from backing up. 
    • Side Door: Pull into designated (gravel) spots at the south gate. Once you park, you may TEXT the number posted and let us know your name, what spot number you are in, and your child's name and grade. They will be released to your car, with younger students being escorted by a teacher, OR you may group in the pickleball court, and students will be released through the small gate next to the large double gates to their parent/guardian.
  • Always stay in the car when you are in CARLINE 
  • Remind your student(s) in the morning which option they go to at the end of the day
  • Pull to the forwardmost spot in front of you 
  • Wait for your turn to exit Carline
  • If you would like more time to unload, load, buckle up, or just get situated, Side Door is a great option!
  • Be courteous and respectful to our community and neighborhood