The Future of Cascade Heights! Announcement of New Location

The Campbell neighborhood is a healthy and robust community that is centrally located in our school district. The grounds are extensive, and we will have a modern gym, enough classrooms to accommodate our needs, a cafeteria and kitchen, a stage, a shared art and music room, a shared world language room, fields to play in, and an area for us to build a custom playground that suits our needs and benefits the neighborhood!
Over the coming weeks, we will finalize lease terms and continue the work of preparing to move. The North Clackamas School District team has shown consistent support for our school, as evidenced by this opportunity, and for that, I am incredibly grateful! I also want to extend my gratitude to the Cascade Heights Board of Directors, who have put a ton of work into ensuring our school has a healthy and stable future in our new space!
We plan to make this move as a community and will need all the help we can get! Together we will make this transition positive, giving the students, staff and families an opportunity for a fresh space loaded with potential and possibilities. Onward and upward for Cascade Heights!
We attended the Hector Campbell neighborhood association meeting last week and were welcomed warmly and with enthusiasm! The neighborhood is excited about our partnership and presence and wants to volunteer and support us! Key takeaway - the property is used frequently by dog walkers. I would love to have a volunteer schedule the first week of school to have parents walk the property gently reminding people that the campus is off-limits during school hours. We will also post signs.