Last Days of School 23-24

June 3 - Do Different Day & Field Day- Volunteers Needed!
  • Monday, June 3rd is a fun-filled day! The first half of the day is "Do Different Day" and the second half is Field Day. If you want to volunteer for field day, sign up on this link!
  • Do Different Day is where all of the classes go to all of the other classrooms and do an activity with that teacher. Do Different day activities run from 8-11:30.
June 4 - Last Day of School (different pick up routine)
  • The last day of school is Tuesday, June 4th! This is a half day with dismissal at 11:30 am. The morning will consist of the talent show "USO Show" and a fly-up where the classes move to the next grade level for a little bit to do an activity and talk about the next year.
  • For pick up on the last day, all classes will be out on the playground/undercover area. You will come and collect your child and check in with your student's teacher to sign out your student. 
  • We will not have "normal" side door or car line on the last day of school.
Morning and Homework Club
The last day for morning and homework club is Thursday, May 30th! There will not be either available on June 3rd or 4th.