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Eighth Grade

Melanie Adams
My name is Melanie Adams and I am proud to teach 8th grade and serve as the Vice Principal of Cascade Heights. I started at Cascade in 2005, our inaugural year, after spending 12 years working with special education students and in Title 1 reading.  I teach at Cascade because I passionately believe in the community we have built, the high standards we hold each other to, and the hands-on approach to learning. I simply can not even imagine working anywhere else. 
Outside of school, I have two kids, Sam and Jay, both of whom attended Cascade Heights. Both are grown and living on their own. Sam pursued their passion for public health and Jay followed his dreams and works in environmental education. At 24 and 22, I am incredibly proud of the amazing humans they are. I have 3 cats, Zaphrina, Magnus, and Ansel who keep me company as well as a Newfoundland named Friday. I love reading, kayaking, and letterboxing.